Hollaback response to street harassment stabbing in the Tenderloin

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (1/9/2013) – A woman was stabbed late Monday night on her way home in the Tenderloin. The man had first sexually harassed her, and when she rejected him, he slashed her face and stabbed her arm. As an organization working to end street harassment, we at Hollaback! San Francisco are horrified by this attack and also reminded that our work to make the streets safer is critical. Catcalls and sexual advances are oftentimes dismissed as harmless or even compliments, but this incident shows that street harassment can quickly escalate to physical violence. It shows that the fear of walking down the street is real.

Street harassment often goes unreported, so we applaud the woman for her courage to report the attack to the Police. We are also very glad to hear she is recovering from her injuries. We now call on the community to come forward with any information, and on the Police to conduct a thorough investigation of this assault. We also call on District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim to work with us in conducting safety audits of the Tenderloin to identify necessary improvements to ensure women’s public safety.

Hollaback! San Francisco launched in November as part of the larger Hollaback! movement to end street harassment. Our local activists work to ignite public conversations and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. We believe that everyone has the right to walk down the street and feel safe, without fear of verbal or physical assault.

For more information on this incident, follow the links for the SF Appeal article and the SF Examiner article.

For more information on how to get involved with Hollaback! San Francisco, please contact us.



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